Wow – it is hard to believe that we are retired now and in France.  We started out with a bit of a mess at the Houston airport.  We had 4 large bags to check and 4 carry-ons.  What I had not noticed prior to arrival, was the fact that the carry-ons could weigh no more than 7 kg. and they weighed each one of them and they were all over!  What?  I had them stuffed with heavy things – series of DVDs, DVD player, converter, dishes (yes – had to bring my french dinnerware -lol), and more.  We decided to buy and check another bag for $150.00 (they said).  There is now 2 hours till final check-in.   But you can’t get a bag on this side of security, so they gave me my ticket and I went through security and of course there is no luggage in my terminal, so off to another terminal, buy a bag (another $150.00) and then come back to check-in.  Then we began pulling things out of the carry-ons in the lobby and putting them in the new checked bag, which of course has to be under 23 kg.  We went back and forth to the scale and finally came up with all bags legal.  So, we are ready to check-in and they ask for $350.00 for the 5th bag.  What?  “Oh – we charge $150.00, but we didn’t notice you have a connecting flight with another airline and they charge $200.00 additional.”  I said – no no – that was not going to work, and that they had quoted me $150.00 and I already had to pay $150.00 for another bag.  MUCH discussion ensued on how to work this out and I finally said that I thought they had “to eat it” as we bought a bag and proceeded on their initial quote.  The bags had already gone on the conveyor and they finally decided to say we had an extra “small” bag checked (at no charge).   They said we needed to tell the other airline while transferring in Manchester and see what they had to say about charges for the extra bag.  Hmmm.  Bags are checked through to Paris.  Why say anything?  We didn’t and everything arrived just fine!  Yippee!  Our flight was uneventful and other than a 7 hour layover in Manchester, which we knew was going to happen, we arrived safe and sound with everything we own – 5 bags and 4 carry-ons.  We took the shuttle to our beautiful hotel “Hotel Oceania Paris CDG” and put our tired selves to bed.