We received our visas in record time!  Just 3 days from appointment to receipt!   We now have a major hurdle achieved!  Today’s mission – to sell the newer car.  We decided to get a quote last week at CarMax to see what it was worth, and while there, they told us that cars get a major hit on value after they get 60,000 miles – ours had 57,000, so after much discussing on whether we could make it on one car for 2-1/2 months, and we decided we could, with possibly a couple rentals from time to time, and we took in my beloved Sonic today.  They are paying off what we owe and we received a check as well!  Another obstacle removed!

There are 18 states in the US that France has driver license reciprocity with, and Texas is one of them.  We can drive in France for one year on our Texas licenses and then can exchange them for French ones.  If you don’t come from one of these 18 states, you have to go to drivers school, which is quite expensive.  We hear that it takes several months to obtain the license and one can’t rent a car with the temporary “paper” that is issued with the exchange, so since we don’t have a car and will be renting from time to time, we will do one person at a time, so one of us always has a license.  Someone suggested getting a duplicate before we go.  Doubt that is legal, but…….hmmmm…..

Next up: Flea markets and more flea markets!    Wanna buy a used  ______?

À la prochaine!

(Until next time!)