Woo Hoo!  We are officially retired!  Monday was my last day at work and yesterday was Gene’s last day.  This week has been strange waking up in the morning and not thinking about work.  Not that there wasn’t “work” at home. This week I was packing and preparing for our final flea market trip this weekend.  I had to see what fit in our 6 suitcases and what we have to sell.  😕  Considering our suitcase limit for the plane, I think I did a pretty good job.  I ended up with one box extra that we are going to ship.  FYI – UPS & FEDEX ( 1-3 days service) wants around $425.00 to ship the box to France, and USPS (6 – 10 days) only wants $150.00.  Big difference!  USPS it will go as time is not a factor.

Long, hot flea market today.  I am exhausted, but sold lots of stuff.  Our apartment sounds echo-y with the lack of furnishings.  Sold the tv, but still have wifi and laptops, so streaming “Criminal Minds” tonight on Netfix.   Tomorrow I am sending Gene to the flea market.  He is more apt to deal to get rid of the stuff.  I am like – “Hey – that item already is only 25 cents and you want 2 for 25 cents – no!”  LOL  Also sold our other car today, so had to get a rental till we leave.

This coming week – lots of finalizing, cleaning of our apartment and moving to a hotel on Friday, so we can do the final cleaning.  It is getting pretty exciting around here!

9 days till we get on that plane = WOW =  it is happening!

Let the adventure begin!